Benefits of Green Tea

While there is some good research as to the benefits of drinking coffee, there is another choice out there that is a truly stellar alternative for your morning brew – green tea!

Research shows a plethora of reasons you should be adding three to four cups of this elixir to your daily routine, including the following:

  • Helps reduce your risk of cancer. In fact, the antioxidant in green tea is 24 times more effective than vitamin E and 100 times better than vitamin C at protecting your cells from damage.
  • Contains polyphenols which guard against free radicals, reducing signs of aging, including wrinkles, and promotes overall longevity.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety due to levels of the amino acid L-theanine.
  • Boosts immune system with high content of polyphenols and flavonoids. Combined with high concentrations of Vitamin C, green tea can help prevent colds and flus.
  • Helps prevent stroke and heart disease by lowering “bad” cholesterol levels while raising “good” cholesterol levels. It also enhances recovery if you’ve had a heart attack.
  • Prevents high blood pressure by repressing angiotensin.
  • Improves lipid and glucose metabolism, preventing spikes in blood sugar levels helping prevent or address diabetes.
  • Boosts your metabolism and stops the movement of glucose in fat cells – helps burn fat and reduce obesity. In fact, it burns up to 70 calories a day (that’s 7 pounds a year).
  • Boosts memory and may slow the reduction of acetylcholine in the brain – the cause of Alzheimer’s – and slows the progression of Parkinson’s Disease by preventing cell damage in the brain.
  • Kills the bacteria that cause food poisoning, as well as the pesky toxins produced by the bacteria.
  • Relaxes muscles supporting the bronchial tubes, improving asthma.
  • Reduces/prevents the risk of rheumatoid arthritis by blocking an enzyme that destroys cartilage.
  • Relieves allergies due to the high levels of EGCG in the tea.


With all these health benefits, it’s really wise to incorporate it into your daily routine. However, if drinking four or more cups of green tea a day seems a bit daunting, we understand. You can enjoy all the wellness of up to 10 cups of green tea in just one serving of Pure Inventions’ antioxidant green tea “supplement.” Just add a dropper full of Pure to a cup of warm or cold water and enjoy.


As a bonus, Pure is FREE from sugar, calories, caffeine, sodium, gluten, stimulants, artificial colors and sweeteners. Plus, it comes in several great tasting flavors and requires no “brewing” – original green tea, raspberry, peace, tropical, vanilla crème and pineapple coconut.


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