Teens “Kick Acne”

Imagine you are 15 years old and you are a Freshman in high school. You are new and have problematic skin. How does this make you feel? At this age it is imparative that teens feel confident and secure with themself so that they make the appropriate choices that will affect them for the rest of their life.

NAPLES, FL (April 10, 2012) – Purely You Spa announces a 90-day “Kick Acne” Bootcamp for teens, promising clearer skin within three months. Purely You Spa’s “Kick Acne” program includes a seven-day detoxification, nutrition education, skin care analysis and a personalized plan for daily and weekly maintenance, depending on skin type. Participants keep a daily diary and follow a routine for 90 days that promises to boost confidence, improve skin, decrease scarring, stimulate circulation, and increase their overall physical fitness. Teens will experience spa treatments such as Extreme Clean Extractions, Teen Clean Facial, LED Light Therapy, and an Acne Clay Masque.

Before and after pictures will be taken to be reviewed upon graduation and every participant receives a t-shirt. Parental support and oversight is encouraged to ensure long-term success beyond Purely You Spa’s 90 day program. Teens can also log onto a website for tips, nutrition reminders and at home treatments when the program ends.
Purely You Spa is located on the third floor at 3066 Tamiami Trail North.

Go to www.purelyyouspa.com for information about other educational seminars about anti-aging and skin care, nutrition, time management, and choosing organic. Gift certificates are also available for purchase through the website or call 239- 331-8266.

About Purely You Spa
Purely You Spa (License # MM 24637) is an organic spa, offering a wide selection of customized spa treatments that include: facial services, body treatments, waxing services, and Eastern and Western massage services for men and women. Other services include, but are not limited to nails, airbrush make-up services, airbrush tanning, holistic health and yoga. Primarily certified organic products are used or other natural, botanical, or Chinese herbs depending on client’s needs and preferences.

Located in beautiful Naples, Florida, the spa caters to discriminating clients and offers seasonal or year round spa memberships. Purely You Spa is a member of Spa Finders International and is the official provider for the Florida Everblades hockey team.

For more information about appointments, spa memberships, or gift certificates, visit http://www.purelyyouspa.com/

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Acne is NO fun!

Whether you are a teen or an adult who likes pimples and blackheads?! NO ONE does! When someone looks at you you want them to look at YOU and not at what is going on with your skin.  There are some simple tips that you can do at home that will help decrease your breakhouts.

1) Wash your hands frequently

2) Don’t touch your face

3) Use make-up and skin care products that do not clog your pores

4) Cleanse your skin morning and night

5) Use an antibacterial toner that doesn’t have alcohol

6) Wash your pillow case frequently (3’s a week)

7) Stay away from dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten (as much as possible).  Eat as many GREENS as possible

8) Exercise regularly (3-5 x’s a week at least)

9)  Take your weight and divide by 2 for the number of ounces of water you should drink per day.

10) Take the “Clear Skin” Eminence Organic Skin Care Vitaskin Vitamin 1x per day

The above is what your can do at home. Sometimes professional help is needed and this is the first step of what we recommend.  Get a DEEP cleaning facial and add LED Light therapy to kill bacteria on a cellular level.  LED Light Therapy helps stimulate oxygen and circulation and this is imparative to controlling Acne and occasional breakouts.  Should you choose to go for a healthy alternative to antibiotics we recommend a Signature Organic Facial plus LED Light Therapy and possibly an Extreme Clean Extraction session.  The Esthetician will spend some time with you giving you a complete plan of what to do and where to start! The first step for you is to pick up the phone and set up you FREE skin analysis or go ahead and schedule your Signature Facial and LED Light Therapy session online! www.purelyyouspa.com.