2018 Valentine’s Day Ideas

There are many different opinions about Valentine’s Day. Some people see it as a day to pamper your significant other, others are just waiting until the day after for a sweet sale on candies and chocolates. Some argue that Valentine’s Day is tacky. They say the pink and the red and the roses do nothing more than make them roll their eyes. But when it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is a time to show your loved ones how much you really appreciate them. In this day and age, it is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and it is nice to be reminded that you truly are loved and you do matter to others. No matter how you choose to show your love, here are some great ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Make Valentine’s Day a “You” day

  • Valentine’s Day may seem like “Lonely Singles’ Day” if you are currently without a significant other. But it doesn’t have to be! Valentine’s is a time for love and maybe this year that can mean love for yourself! Self-care is so, so important. Take a day to pamper yourself any day: take yourself out to your favorite restaurant, go for a walk on the beach, set aside time to do a yoga class, have a spa day for yourself (Purely You Spa is offering many specials and packages this month. Come in for a day of ultimate relaxation!)

Celebrate GALentine’s Day!

  • Have you heard of GALentine’s Day? This is also a good time to remember that love doesn’t just have to be romantic. Spend the day to truly just show an appreciation for all the other strong, beautiful women in your life. Get together and celebrate to show them that no matter what happens, you will always have each other.

Have an “Alternative” Valentine’s Day

  • Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all hearts and roses. If you and your significant other both have a good sense of humor, consider doing a Valentine’s Day with quirky replacements for traditions. Ideas: give a bouquet of broccoli, go on a date and try to make each other laugh (the one who loses and laughs first has to pay), give a box of chocolates that is actually full of carrots. Do little things that you two enjoy. Not everyone enjoys a candle-lit dinner. Maybe you two can just share a smoothie and go for a walk through your neighborhood. The goal is to spend time with each other without judgement and without feeling the need to go over-the-top.

Buy Experiences, not Things

  • Men and women have different ideas when it comes to showing appreciation for each other. Sometimes buying nice jewelry, cologne, purses, or clothing isn’t what the other person had in mind. The thought and the love is there but at the end of the day, it’s just stuff. We are sure it is a possibility that many couples have this problem. Material things are nice, but they are a bit like a sugar-high: they don’t last very long and usually are not as good as something a little more wholesome. A new idea would be to give the gift of an experience together rather than a material item. You could spend time together for a day at Disney, have a painting class together, or take a tour of a winery… all things that have no material value, but will last a lifetime in your memories and in your heart. Your love doesn’t have to be shown in the form of a ring or a necklace or even a bouquet of flowers. It can be shown simply by just being with each other.

Volunteers Day

  • Love can be shown in so many different ways. This Valentine’s Day, show your love by giving back to your community. Visit the Humane Society, donate to your local woman’s shelter, pick a day and help out with Habitat for Humanity. There are so many different opportunities for you to feel the real, authentic happiness that comes with giving back. Spend time with those who need a little extra love this month.


The team here at Purely You Spa wants to assist you in planning an amazing experience for you and your loved one. We have so many options to customize the perfect experience. Take a look at some ideas in our Valentine’s flyer. Schedule one of our monthly specials like the Love Birds Getaway for Two which features a luxurious ninety-minute couples massage, aromatherapy, chocolate, and organic fruit and wine. Other options are our Be My Valentine Pure Escape package which features a massage, body scrub, aromatherapy, Organic Facial, and more.

Make this Valentine’s Day one that you and your loved ones will remember for years to come. The number one thing to remember is to do the holiday your way. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate. Just spread the love and feel the love!

Unwind The Right Way; The Natural Way with Purely You Spa

We’ve told you before, and in celebration of Labor Day, we’ll tell you again – workplace issues are the leading cause of stress for all Americans, no matter if you are a dog walker, a tight-rope walker, or a professional athlete power walker!  The American Institute of Stress warns that side effects can range from poor health in general, to serious medical situations like heart attack and hypertension. In addition, it takes a toll on our sleep patterns, our skin, and the way we act towards those we love – not a pretty picture.

So many times society can lead people to handle stress the wrong way!  You could probably imagine what we are talking about.

So, the way we all deal with stress is very important.  A healthy natural way is recommended!  We will discuss more.

The easiest ways to relieve stress are often just as unhealthy as the burden of the feeling itself – poor eating habits (Did you know that “Stressed” is “Desserts” spelled backwards?), sedentary lifestyle, overindulgent drinking, being complacent with feeling depressed and anxious – no good!

Yes, everyone needs to de-stress in different ways, but we can ALL approach the methods that work best for us in a healthy, holistic, and healing way. The icing on the cake is the simple fact that all of the avenues provided by Purely You Spa feel great, treat the soul, and soothe the mind. Here are just a few of the stress-relieving treatments that we would recommend:


The possibilities to relax and de-stress through massage are virtually endless when you select Purely You Spa as your partner towards perfect escapes. Try our Swedish Relaxation Massage, the Pure Deep Tissue experience, an Upper Body Tension Relief session, or the out-of-this-world Rainforest Hot Stone treatment. If you REALLY feel like the ultimate in a therapeutic escape, try the Four Hands Experience (2 Therapists just for YOU!). Or, a fantastic choice is always our signature Intuitive Massage, where your Specialist takes a thorough assessment of your immediate needs and then delivers an exceptionally customized 60 or 90 minute treatment.


Take a traditional Yoga or Meditation experience one step further with Purely You Spa – because as our name implies, everything we do is customized to YOUR needs, likes, wishes, and health requirements. No experience necessary to get your emotions centered and your blood flowing with this excellent choice in reducing workplace stress.


A practical and proven way to reduce our stress levels (and maybe to help make up for any times you’ve snapped a bit towards a friend or partner due to stress!) is to spend time with those that we love. In addition to our Couples Massage offerings, Purely You Spa can create a custom escape for you and your partner. You want a facial and they want a massage? No problem! So take an hour (or 2, 3, or 4) to relax side-by-side with someone who melts your stress away, and let us take care of all the details.


Reward yourself, reduce tension, and re-awaken natural beauty with our amazing array of Body Treatments. Exfoliate with our Irresistible Body Polish, De-Tox with our Cell-U-Less Slimming Wrap, oxygenate the soul (and the skin!) with a Hungarian Mud Treatment, and scrub away the cares of the day with our Seasonal Organic Body Scrubs. Or, literally strip away stress with our all natural waxing experts – even our Brow Wax includes a mini-massage! Renee Walsh, one of our talented Specialists, always provides the best Body Treatments in town, reserve her now online!


For those of us that crave structure (and love to save), Purely You Spa also offers a Business Membership Program designed to make sure you take time twice a month to conquer stress and create a clear mind. With flexible scheduling, shorter sessions, and relaxation-focused treatments, this is a perfect way to ensure you are taking the right path towards reducing workplace stress. With the Business Membership you can:

Inhale relaxation and exhale stress with our Aromatherapy Stress Relief

  • Make up for lost time at the beach by experiencing our All Natural Air Brush Tan
  • Help balance your inner health with your outer relaxation through Egyptian Reflexology
  • Rejuvenate lackluster skin as you enjoy our Hungarian Facelift Massage

So whether you’ve gone cubicle-crazy, have had it up to here with clients, or perform physical labor that’s left you with aches and pains, make sure you de-stress in ways that actually make you a better total being. In celebration of Labor Day, we’ve created some AMAZING specials this month to assist you in making the right choice. Visit our Specials Page for more info or check your Purely You Spa E-Newsletter for details!